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Industries We Serve

Advanced Aeronautics & UAV


Across the technologies of aeronautics and UAV’s, we are experienced producing aircraft electronics, structural components, engine components and advanced vision systems for UAV eyes in the sky. 

Space & Satellite Applications

We see space as the next frontier and have the expertise to help our customers get there.  Complex assemblies of exotic materials tightly integrated with electronics, optics, gyros, lasers and other technologies characterize launch systems and satellite technologies.  We know how to work in this technology intense environment where speed and complexity are dominate.


Next Generation Transportation

There is a new world of mobility being developed and we are here to support the creators of this revolution in next generation transportation.  The requirements are rapid prototyping coupled with eventual certification and production. The expertise we have in 5-axis machining, exotic materials and regulatory certification lend themselves to our ability to support customers developing these new technologies


Cutting Edge Healthcare Applications

Health care technology is advancing rapidly with new robotic surgery devices, advanced MRI machines and other very complex devices.  Our expertise with 5-axis machining, exotic materials and certification of components lends itself to support of the healthcare industry.

Advanced Communication Technologies


5G and satellite communications technologies promise to change our world for the better.  The competition between new supporting technologies will be intense and those with the advantage of speed will have an edge over their competitors.  Rapid prototyping and new product introduction are fully supported by our systems and processes here at Machine Sciences. We will help you speed your product to market. 


Defense Technologies

The world of new defense technology development has the highest of product data security requirements.  Not only do we have extensive 5-axis machining and exotic materials experience but we also secure product data to the highest standards.  Your product designs will be kept in our systems which are ITAR, NIST SP800-171 and DFARS 252.204-7012 compliant so you don’t need to worry about data security and compliance.


Quality You Can Depend On

Our Quality team is dedicated to your success not only producing products but also obtaining regulatory and customer approval.  We support some of the world’s leading companies in their quest to rapidly certify world changing products. Producing conforming articles and providing the rigorous documentation to support certification is second nature to us because we do it every day.   


Our Capabilities

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