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Making the Future Together

Machine Sciences was founded in 2001 on the premise that manufacturers were not serving their end customers with the level of speed, expertise and collaboration that they could and further, that most manufacturers were not using next generation manufacturing technology and data to the maximum benefit of their customers.


Today Machine Sciences supports dozens of customers around the globe who are developing revolutionary technologies.  The common denominator among customers is a combination of very complex products and a desire for rapid product development.  


We employ nearly 100 of the most talented manufacturing engineers and machinists available utilizing the most advanced machining equipment.  Strong communication and collaboration skills make us a valuable and contributing part of any product development project.

Our Facility

We operate in one of the cleanest environments you can imagine.  Some customers have said our manufacturing floor is so clean you could eat off of it but we are not recommending this idea.  We do take great pride in our working environment as we do with the quality of products we produce.


The manufacturing floor is fully temperature controlled, brightly lighted and set up for 24/7 operations.  We run five work shifts to include day, swing, night, weekend and weekend night shifts. When you demand quick delivery of either prototypes or production volumes of parts we are set up to produce on demand for you.

Quality You Can Depend On

Our Quality team is dedicated to your success not only producing products but also obtaining regulatory and customer approval.  We support some of the world’s leading companies in their quest to rapidly certify world changing products. Producing conforming articles and providing the rigorous documentation to support certification is second nature to us because we do it every day.


Work With Us

Want to be a part of making history?


We're Hiring Future Makers

We've seen the future: in fact, we're working on it every day.

We work with the world's most innovative companies...

Creating some of the most complex and challenging parts...

For some of the coolest products you've ever seen... 

Using the latest and greatest machinery...

And with some of the industry's top talent to hone your skills.


Open Positions
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