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Manufacturing Engineering

We collaborate with your design engineering team for new product introduction. Taking your virtual CAD designs into the physical world as rapidly as possible is our expertise. We bring the latest manufacturing, tooling and programming technology to bare on your projects while working through design revisions and manufacturing optimization to meet your quality, cost and time to market goals.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Our dedicated rapid prototyping team works with your engineers to get new product prototypes into your hands quickly. We recognize that time to market is key when introducing a new product and we know how important collaboration is when translating from a design into a first article. We’ll get you a quote fast and work through the challenges of design revisions and optimization for manufacturing with our team of experts.


5-Axis & Mill/Turn Machining

Our state-of-the-art work centers are set up for machining even the most complex parts as rapidly as possible. Tight tolerances, complex geometry, exotic materials and fine finishes are all within our capabilities.  Only 15-20% of traditional machine shops employ 5-axis or Mill/Turn equipment and among those, few know how to use these machines to their maximum capacity. We are experts in the use of these advanced machines and this means faster and better product for you.

Production Machining

We make the transition from your first prototype to full production seamless because we understand both prototyping and production and have the equipment to support both.  Our production machines are fully connected and automated to provide 24/7 production. We use state of the art cell system technology for both 4-axis and full simultaneous 5-axis machining of your production quantity parts.  The transition from prototype to production can often be complicated and delayed by a change of suppliers. By integrating our prototyping and production systems, we help you get new products to market faster.


Magnesium & Exotic Materials Machining

Technologically advanced products often demand the use of exotic new materials.  We manufacture from a broad array of raw materials from carbon fiber to exotic plastics and unusual metals.  Few companies machine magnesium because of its flammability but we have developed systems to manage this risk and we machine this material every day to meet the needs of those needing significant weight reduction in their products.

Quality Control

Quality and Metrology

Our quality team at Machine Sciences knows metrology backwards and forwards.  We speak GD&T and even dream about it at night. First Article Reporting and certificates of conformance are simply how we conduct business which means you never have to ask or pay for these services separately.  In the process of going from prototype to production it’s common for our team to provide valuable manufacturability support which can include tolerancing recommendations. Our systems are based on the most advanced Zeiss equipment and software available.  With these systems we can “see” down to 2 microns helping you to know exactly what tolerances have been met.

Quality You Can Depend On

Our Quality team is dedicated to your success not only producing products but also obtaining regulatory and customer approval.  We support some of the world’s leading companies in their quest to rapidly certify world changing products. Producing conforming articles and providing the rigorous documentation to support certification is second nature to us because we do it every day.    


Get a Quote Fast

Coming soon, you can upload your 3D models and prints using our encrypted secure portal. Detail material specifications along with your quantities and need dates and we will complete a quote in record time. We keep all your product data in our secure data systems along with your quotes and communication so you do not need to use older FTP tools.  Our systems are ITAR, NIST SP800-171 and DFARS 252.204-7012 compliant so you don’t need to worry about data security and compliance.

Industries We Serve

Advanced Aeronautics

Next Generation Transportation

Advanced Communication Technologies

Space & Satellite Applications

Cutting Edge Healthcare Applications

Defense Technology

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