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How We Work


Our dedicated rapid prototyping team work with your engineers to get new product prototypes into your hands quickly. We recognize that time to market is key when introducing a new product and we know how important collaboration is when translating from a design into a first article. We’ll get you a quote fast and work through the challenges of design revisions and optimization for manufacturing with our team of experts.


Our Quality team is dedicated to your success not only producing products but also obtaining regulatory and customer approval.  We support some of the world’s leading companies in their quest to rapidly certify world changing products. Producing conforming articles and providing the rigorous documentation to support certification is second nature to us because we do it every day.

We speak the language of certification. We’re an AS 9100 and ISO certified manufacturer. Certification processes are built into our approach. Every prototype or production project will be exhaustively reviewed by our quality team with full Full First Article inspection documentation and required certificates of conformance.  Our quality expertise is second to none built on a foundation of Zeiss metrology equipment, training and experience.


When you’re introducing a new product and need to move from prototype to production as quickly as possible our deep manufacturing experience makes the difference.  From the moment we see your first prototype designs we will begin suggesting improvements to your product design for manufacturability. Our on-demand manufacturing processes are built with both speed and flexibility in mind. Whether you need a run of 10 or 10,000, our processes can scale to meet your needs without sacrificing quality or speed.

Industries We Serve

Advanced Aeronautics

Next Generation Transportation

Advanced Communication Technologies

Space & Satellite Applications

Cutting Edge Healthcare Applications

Defense Technology

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