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CAM Programmer

Summary: Take a print and a solid and produce an efficient, reliable program. Also identify and order all tooling that will be need to make part.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Program part using Mastercam X6

  • Use schedule board to determine next job in line

  • Compare print and program to ensure both are correct

  • Communicate with Project mgr about machinability issues

  • Use best practices to produce a reliable program

  • Design and program fixturing to hold parts

  • Identify any special tooling needed

  • Work with set up people to efficiently make parts


Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Ensure all Program part files are on server under current rev level

  • Make sure correct part is being programmed to the machines needs



  • 5 yrs minimum machining experience

  • 2yrs programming experience in mastercam

  • 4 axis and 5 axis prefarable

  • 5yrs of blueprint reading skills

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Ability to work with co-workers and supervisors

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